All Time Famous Indian Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship in India is a common thing now and the country has come a long way. There are many Indian entrepreneurs and companies that made it to the list of Forbes and Fortune 500 several times. If you’re looking for some inspiration from these people, you’ll find a plethora of success stories to read. Some Indian entrepreneurs are really inspiring because they started their business from the scratch and then reached the heights of success because of their talent, hard work, and passion. There is a huge list of young entrepreneurs who not only survived in the industry in spite of the competition, but also gave a tough time to their competitors.

Young and successful Indian entrepreneurs:

Kartikeya Sharma entrepreneur is a name worth mentioning as a successful Indian businessman. He is the founder of iTV network which became the most viewed media channel in India very quickly. iTV has a 24-hour Hindi channel known as ‘India News’ and ‘NewsX’ is an English channel that broadcasts news about the country in English. India News and NewsX got very successful due to the hardwork and dedication of Kartikeya Sharma entrepreneur.

Ritesh Agarwal entrepreneur is another successful young businessman who is the founder and CEO of OYO. OYO is a budget room provider service and it has around 65000 rooms in 170 countries across India. The main purpose of this service is to provide an affordable option for travellers to stay.

Sreelakshmi Suresh entrepreneur is the youngest CEO and web designer in the world and is the recipient of many international awards too. She established eDesign at the age of 10, which is now a successful web design company offering web related services. Sreelakshmi quickly developed more than 100 websites for famous organizations and companies across the country and got famous because of that.

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