Baby Elephant Walk- Let’s go on a safari!

Baby elephant walk is a beautiful nursery rhyme written by Henry Mancini in 1961. The toddlers song is based on a baby elephant in a jungle. The poet also discusses the jungle life and the attractions in it. The tone of this rhyme is very cheerful and it allows the children to enjoy while it is being played. The song also earned a Grammy award for the best instrumental arrangement. The baby elephant walk is not a very popular rhyme but you’ll still find it among the best nursery rhymes for toddlers. This kids song is a good way to keep the children involved and sing along.

About the lyrics:

Baby Elephant Walk is a long and interesting rhyme and it cheerfully discusses all the happenings in the jungle. The story revolves around a young elephant who is walking through the jungle. The song starts when the poet asks the children to imagine they are in a jungle movie, and they are watching the elephants going by. Then there are other animals discussed in the rhyme too such as the baboon beating on the bango and the monkeys dancing on the tune. The poet says that you just need an extra pair of dancing shoes to go on a safari.

Takeaways for toddlers:

The nursery rhyme is especially written for the toddlers who have an understanding of the jungle and the animals. It has been written just for creating a funny and joyous environment. Imagining yourself in a safari and watching the elephants and other animals dancing might be so fun. There are many videos made on this kids song and children love to watch them with enthusiasm. Though it doesn’t give any lesson, but it makes the kids happy and cheerful while they sing or listen to it.

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