Buckle My Shoe- Learn counting with this rhyme

Buckle My Shoe is a popular English rhyme and it was recorded as a nursery rhyme in London in 1805. It is a counting-out rhyme and was specially written for the preschoolers so that they could learn to count easily. The first published version of this kid’s song was found in ‘Songs for Nursery’ which was a children’s rhymes book. The main purpose of this toddler’s song was to teach counting to the kids in a fun way. The lyrics are quite appealing, and the children easily learn to count along with the rhyming words.

About the lyrics:

The lyrics of this nursery rhyme synchronize with the numbers from one to twenty. Some variants of this rhyme end till ten while others go counting up to twenty. The rhyme starts like this ‘One two, buckle my shoe, three four, knock at the door’. All the numbers are made in groups of twos and there are rhyming words for all the even numbers such as two, four, six, eight, and ten. There have been many videos made on this rhyme which show a boy who wants to buckle his shoe.

The lesson for kids:

Not everyone loves math and when it comes to counting, some children take time to learn it properly. Buckle My Shoe offers an entertaining way to learn to count and also helps the children to develop motor skills. This is one of the best nursery rhymes as it offers an easy way to help the toddlers learn to count and also promotes speech development. The rhyme is still very popular, and many preschoolers learn this instantly because of its catchy lyrics and tune. The lyrics from 1 to 10 are almost same in all the variants, however, they differ somewhat when the counting continues till 20.

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